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There’s a reason why Lane’s Professional Pest Elimination has been servicing the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach since 1985 and that is because of great pest control clients! Below are a few of the wonderful testimonials that we have received over the years.


“Lane Raines and the staff at Lane’s Professional Pest Elimination have played an integral role in our success. Because of their expertise, professionalism, and customer-driven attitude,the pest problems often associated with waterfront businesses have not plagued us at The Sea Captain’s House. Thank You, Lane’s!”
~ David L. Brittain, Owner, The Sea Captain’s House Restaurant


“This letter is to let you know how much I appreciate the fast response you had to my problem. I had several lots that I needed treated for termites immediately. My building Supervisor had missed calling it in, but you were able to get me back on schedule and you were on site when you said you were going to be. Thank you.”
~ Clark V., Builder, Murrells Inlet, SC


“In all the years I have been building homes, I have always used Lane’s. You have kept me up to date on all the newest termite pre-treatment options. My customers appreciate that I have selected such an ethical company that stands behind their work 110%.”
~ David B., Custom Home Builder, Myrtle Beach, SC


“I have been a customer of Lane’s Professional Pest Elimination, Inc.for over twelve years and have enjoyed excellent and courteous service from everyone in the company. They have handled all my pest elimination needs – from regular pest service to termite warranties on my properties.” 
~ Doug Millar, Litus To Let Management


“I have been a loyal customer for over twenty years. Lane’s Employees are committed to delivering a level of customer service that deserves recognition. I would recommend Lane’s without hesitation….” 
~ Joe Pellicci, Jr., McDonald’s Owner/Operator


“When we moved into our 5 year old home, we never thought we would have any problems, but there was. The garage door jam had been attacked by termites. We called several companies and Lane’s was the only one who took the time to explain everything. Our house is our biggest investment we have, and we trust Lane’s to keep it safe from termites.” 
~ John & Christine O., Homeowner, Myrtle Beach, SC


“There are 24 buildings in hour HOA. I had termite problem in 18 of them. Lane’s treated all the buildings and I have not seen any problems since. That was 15 years ago and I still use them today.” 
~ Donald M., Property HOA Manager, Litchfield, SC


” On July 30, 2014 Mr. Bill Elliott found a laptop computer in the middle of Hwy 17 while working. He retrieved the laptop belonging to Coastal Carolina University, and returned it to the library. Obviously, I was impressed by his honesty and the effort he took to return the laptop to the rightful owners, and planned to email the company months ago. I am also a Lane’s customer, and my young daughter and I were home alone a few weeks ago when a service representative came by to check our yard. I was again reminded how happy it makes me to know the caliber employees Lane’s hires. Although well overdue, I am sending a personal note of gratitude to Mr. Elliott for a job well done! In this day in age, few people would take the opportunity to retrieve another person’s belongings from the middle of the highway and go the additional mile to ensure its proper return. Thank you!”
~ Jennifer Hughes – Head of Access Services – Kimbel Library – Coastal Carolina University


“Amazing people, great service and over 30 years in business they deserve more than 5 stars.”
~ B. Turner, Homeowner


“Lanes always does such a thorough job, and employs friendly, professional people”.
~ K.M. Smith, Homeowner


“I have had lanes since I moved into this house, I have never once since a critter in here”.
~ C. Noppers, Homeower


“Top Notch Service and fast service…Great job Tracy Carter…What would they do without you! Welcome back Mike Coffee. Ray and Mike make a great Management Team”.
~ A Willis, Homeowner


“Lane’s is fast and very professional! They handle our pest control and termites! They are always on time and are very courteous!”.
~ Tyler T., Homeowner


“Very reliable service!”
~ J. Aland, Homeowner